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Who to choose for maintaining your septic tank and sewage treatment plant?

Who to choose for maintaining your septic tank and sewage treatment plant?


When choosing a contractor to empty or maintain your tank it’s vital you choose a waste carrier that has the experience and credentials to do the job properly.


How do you know who responsible a firm is? 


Here are some things you might want to consider…


The correct paperwork

Waste regulations specify that a company who collects and disposes of your liquid waste must be registered with The Environment Agency – so ask to see proof of this. You can see our certificate of registration here.


The contractor should always supply you with waste transfer notes to record the waste that’s moved from one site to another.


Waste disposal

Always ask the company who’s collecting your waste, where and how they’ll be disposing of it.


You might not care about the answer to this question, but you should. If waste isn’t disposed of carefully, it can cause harm to people and ecosystems. Most businesses (especially) want to ensure their supply chain is running a sustainable business that cares for the environment.


We deliver the liquid waste we collect to the treatment plants owned by our local water company, Severn Trent. For a fee that’s reflected in our price, they ensure it’s safely disposed of.



Will the company who empties your septic tank do a thorough and clean job? Will they empty all the chambers they’re supposed to? Will they avoid spilling sewage all over your lawn?


In the wrong hands, liquid waste removal can be a messy job that can have unwanted consequences.

At Willpower Environmental you are in safe hands with 25 years experience and knowledge - we can advise the correct works or emptying that is required and ensure your waste is handled correctly.