Portaloo Portable Toilet Hire By UK Loos Portaloo Portable Toilet Hire By UK Loos

Urinal Hire

5-Man Pluto open urinal:
This enclosed urinal unit includes 5 individual urinals. A fully self contained unit that can be sited on level ground should it be hard standing or grass. It has an open doorway that is usually positioned facing away from the crowd for privacy but ensures a quick turnaround. These units help reduce pressure on the single toilets especially at the larger events when alcohol is served. Dimensions: 216 cm Wide x 235 cm Long x 235 cm High.

4-Man Pluto open urinal:
These units offer an ideal solution for large scale events. They can be placed in an area which would usually be screened off by the hirer to create a designated urinal area for gents. These can be used by 4 Gents simultaneously and the raised walls provide extra privacy. These units have a very quick turnaround especially at events where alcohol is being served and help reduce queuing times on the single portable toilets. The units are all grey and can be sited on any level ground. Dimensions: 112 cm Wide x 112 cm Depth x 160 cm High.